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RRR AND CO is duly registered under the law of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. We established in 2004 and since then started capture the world in different industries. Imports, Transport, Logistics and Supplies were some of the key areas we have being pioneering in the local set up. Technology came in to our products and service as a part to conquer the new world. It is innovation and uphill struggle to provide high quality services using new technology to increase the productivity of our clients.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking System; Software Based Video Conferencing System and Banking solutions to support all types of banking cards including ATM, Debit, Credit, Prepaid and Specific cards for bank requirements to cater to the customer requirements were started with the intention to lead the market in various industries, thereby passing cost effectiveness to our customers.



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Paul Braddy

“Want to extend my deepest appreciation for all your help and support! You and your team are awesome.” Paul Braddy

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